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I am excited to announce my first furniture collection, a kitchen cabinet inspired from a British vintage cupboard that surfaced from 100 years ago.

With skilled craftsmanship, we turned the aged gem to a fully utilized kitchen cabinet, with sturdy base to hold the drawers housing cutleries and linens. This is a cupboard designed and lasted already 100 years, and we would love to see it passed on to the next and the next generations with more memories surrounding it.


The whole reason of this reproduction is to suggest the lifestyle returning back to the ages where things were simpler and healthier in terms of our natural state.  Reminding what we have already and appreciating the blessings.  


We are spoiled with choices and products in this modern age. It makes our life very convenient, but it also is a blessing to always remind ourselves of the simple happiness in life.  Simple basics that let us be the modest we can be.

We hope our upcoming products nestle in perfectly to that basic lifestyle for true enhancement and hold much values and tender feelings.

​We also propose silk linen items such as bed sheets and pillow cases, enhancing our interactions with materials, to receive the best of what is offered.


For inquiry, please contact Kayo at

for more info and any distribution requests.


Furniture & Interior linens Collection


Started in Tokyo


Established in year 2020

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