Apparel collection inspired from Japanese traditional form of clothing in minimal fashion for everyday wear.


Furniture and silk linen products along side the apparel collection.

First collection is a kitchen cabinet incorporating a 100 years old British vintage cupboard.  Precious item from the past re-purposed for the modern everyday need.


Original scent made in Paris.

First collection is a musk vanilla blossom.


In hopes that our life to be celebrated always, we host nonchalant gatherings and certain celebration parties to set free from the daily life & enjoy good food + wine.  

In Japan we also have many yearly traditional occasions to celebrate as customs according to the seasons' events since ancient time that flourished well in Edo Period.


Our photographic / graphic contents are available for purchase.  In hopes that this stacks of data focused on cultural scenery have good usage in everyone's creative needs, feasts your eyes and feel precious, to appreciate the grand scheme & love we receive from the nature, civilization and history.